Huyen took me to Loam for my birthday earlier this year and we quite enjoyed the drive out into the country. So I decided that I would copy her and take her down the other end of Melbourne :) By the time we get to the place we’d usually be quite hungry and ready to dig into whatever pops up in front of us.

The staff at Ten Minutes by Tractor were quite accommodating; promptly moving us to a table by the window upon request and only after they had ironed the table cloth.

Overall the food was extremely satisfying and we only had high praises for how well they were prepared and presented. Both the quail, scampi and duck were cooked to perfection. It was as if they’ve been slow cooked for hours; the meat was that tender, moist and tasty!

We’ll be back again :)

Huyen and Jason

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We saved this place for our first wedding anniversary and what a magical experience it was. We went in with the highest of expectations and still we left with uncomfortably bulging bellies and constant praise for every minute detail they put into the place.

The chefs are very personable here; finishing every dish at your table and highlighting the care they infuse into every one of them. The most memorable moment unfolded when we were encouraged to become involved in the process. As liquid nitrogen streamed into the bowl in front of us; we smashed the frozen herbs and flowers with pestels as fog quickly engulfed the entire table and set our eyes alight with excitement.

If you love the inventions and risks they take at establishments like Attica and Ezard; then Vue De Monde will be guaranteed to take you to the next level.

Huyen and Jason

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